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Ordinateurs Luxembourg Bienvenue

IT Contractor Luxembourg – Esch Alzette Tel 00 352 661 706 027 email gwheadon@live.co.uk

Dell Apple and Lenovo Repairs Tel 00352 661 706 027 Luxembourg Web https://laptops.lu

Dell Apple Lenovo Repair / Reparation + PC

ICT / IT Technology Informatique Luxembourg Contractor

Our friendly tech's are available for your office ICT setup at very reasonable rates in Luxembourg.

Office servers / NAS setup installed, mail setup, full suite of MS Office applications. System security, antivirus and software configuration, and automated roll outs.

Hardware and software support, Windows, Linux, Mac, and repairs to all makes of PC - Laptop – Server.

Web Marketing and SEO exclusive for Luxembourg, in French and English, Full E-commerce setup, just like this platform Laptops Luxembourg.

Secure digital contract signing, have you contracts signed via SSL by PC and for your mobile staff.

Linux experts- inclusive of Red Hat, Apache Webserver, Ubuntu, Open Suse, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Drive cloning and Full Disaster Recovery Services for home and Business, (Partners with https://microshop.lu)

IT Consultancy, Sound knowledgeable - advice, serving the IT industry for 25 years, project management and complete system design, networks, TCP/IP, cloud, custom solutions, out sourcing.

Interim Help desk Cover, and provided for your IT staff whilst they are away. Short - term contracts, readily available, support services inclusive of Hardware Break Fix, Onsite Support Available Fully insured, Contract prices on application please by length and duration of service needed.

73 Rue Michel Rodange

L-4306 Esch-sur-Alzette

Tel: 00352 661 706 027

Fixed Contract Prices Available By Request inc of IT - Out sourcing

Telephone: 00 352 661 706 027 Email: gwheadon@live.co.uk

Computer and Laptop Repair Prices Luxembourg  Per Hour Labour: €70 in office or onsite Luxembourg City €85 Euros per hour, free quotations available.

*New quick fix Bench Charge fixed 50 Euros. 1/2 hour

*System image Complete Operating system Backup fixed 50 Euros This can be used to

restore your whole OS and applications restore time 20 mins. A professional drive clone.

* Students in study 55 Euro fixed, Student ID may be required inclusive of data recovery services * All prices are inclusive of Luxembourg TVA @ 17%

Website creation and professional SEO service for Luxembourg

SEO Google Search Engine - and adwords tuning for Luxembourg

Website Creation | Basic Page WordPress with 1 year Hosting €750

Website Creation | Professional Page WordPress with 1 year Hosting €2000

E-Commerce site creation. Price on application and meeting

Tel 00 352 661 706 027 Luxembourg Mobile Direct  email: gwheadon@live.co.uk

Dell Apple and Lenovo Repairs Tel 00352 661 706 027 Luxembourg Web https://laptops.lu