Pricing Structure

Cost breakdown for  e – Signature Luxembourg

Domain Registration i.e. (your-domain)

Yearly cost: 20 Euros. Please note this cost is yearly

Domain Hosting:  Yearly cost: 182 Euros. *Please note this cost is yearly

This runs a cloud server for 1 year, in order to host your signing server

SSL: This is the padlock on the website top to prevent hackers: SSL Secure Bit defender Certificate

This also prevents traffic between the signing phones and the website being intercepted by hackers

Yearly cost: 28€. This cost is yearly.

Total yearly running costs 342€ Inclusive of server and running costs to your company.

Installation custom configuration and training costs 60€ per hour allowed for 10 hours at 600€

Support I am happy to include 5 hrs of free support per year, in the unlikely event there is a failure of the system, I propose to charge a minimum flat rate of 60€ per hour outside of the 5 hours free tech support included with this e – signature system Luxembourg

Breakdown Costs, Fully inclusive of 17% TVA (Luxembourg) 942€ excluding TVA

Total for system inclusive of TVA  1102€ This covers first year of operation, thereafter it will cost 342€ per year to run your e – signature server per year, most cost effective solution available in Luxembourg

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